My first NFT project. Decentralised Game.

I designed this game in collaboration with dev Jared Flatow while hacking NFTHack.
I worked on creative direction, branding, character creation, assets, landing, project management and talent scouting.

Really enjoyed adapting code into modular characters/avatars generated in hash of ERC721 smart contract and seeing over 400+ freakers birthed on mainnet by today.
DAO was formed Freaker Fortress.

OpenSea,,, twitter

I was heavily inspired by Henri Matisse especially his "cut-outs" technique and Russian Cosmism.

Family of 2d crypto hash-puppies was birthed on chain.
Also fun fact Freakers share solar system with us.

Neptunian Sputniks, Marsian Raketas and Venusian Stoners.

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