I am passionate about creating exchange between creatives and public beyond borders. I curate and produce contemporary art exhibitions and musical shows in Russia and EU since 2013.
@ Breite Gasse, Vienna.

Pop-up show as a result of time based curatorial project in my living room. On fragility of marginalised young professionals. Mostly focused on gender questions and power dynamics in groups. Perception of value and it's correlation with labour + geo political and economical shifts in the last decade in eu and post soviet space.

I gave my power away to the group and explored power dynamics and mechanisms of gender play in professional setting. Spoiler Alert: It was painful.

Ari Sariannidis, Christian Muhlbauer, Dan Vogt, Philipp Grunewald, Jana Zaharijevic, Myles Starr, Isaac Contreras, Jelena Micic, Pablo Ehmer, Lukas Kaufmann, Kirill Savchenkov
@ abandoned bank site NII x Alpbau, Moscow, Russia.

This exhibition was some type of massive realisation of my dream of bringing art and artists that I loved to my home town. I explored my favourite topics: human connection and intimacy, technology (blockchain and ethereum, DeFi), gender identity and lgbtqna+ rights, idea of safe space, migration, dance as revolution, geopolitical and economical issues, personal/public and matter of touch.
I had works by artists from very different status levels. Few works were created as reaction to artistic practice and power discourses in different scenes/countries/cities.

I was happy to show video work in 4k by Simon Denny that was focused on DeFi and "On Chain" solutions. Easy to show, easy to transport. Video work was part of his project for Berlin Biennial 9 that included full body size hardshape of Vitalik Buterin and about 2 meter high ETH logo. lol.
Second video was by Austrian artist Philipp Timischil who filmed himself walking around Viennese neighbourhood lip-syncing in Drag.

Both works irritated and inspired Alexander Obrazumov, Russian artist from Vidnoe. He made huge white neon lettering "white male art" and covered one side of the painting with rainbow flag. As post soviet and literally post war reflection on positive discrimination in "developed countries".
Two artists had correlated practices. They worked in parallel one from Moscow one from Belgrade.
Creating almost looka a like Brutalist armour for every day wear out of recycled post-soviet thrift store treasures.
Huge iPhone selfie taken half naked on the floor with musical instruments by Rosa Randel printed on textile and mounted via chains on the ceiling as bold feminist statment in the middle of the room. Under Rosa on the floor few gaming devices with artificial flowers wrapped around them by artist duo from New Zealand and Norway. Another neon work: tennis ball emoji and sound installation by Antonina Baever under chosen name: Gender Fluid. She explores the enormous pressure to "pass as" some type of fixed gender and looking for freedom and space without the everyday oppression of conformity in Mother Russia. Figure of Mother is huge in her work.

Exhibition. Works by Artists: 
Simon Denny,Daphne Ahlers, Philipp Timischl, Halvor Rønning, Martyn Reynolds, Min Yoon, Ari Sariannidis, Beatrix Curran, Arnold Veber, Evelyn Plaschg, Fabian Leitgeb, Jana Zaharijević, Lilli Thiessen, Rosa Rendl, Ihor Okunev, Buttechno, Shifra Kazhdan, Vika Prokopaviciute, Alexander Obrazumov, Alexei Taruts, Antonina Baever, Artur Lomakin.

Live Performances by:
v17 (VV17CHOU7) Art Crime, Ilia Volum, Lonely Boys* Rosa Randel.
Live broadcast from Berlin same day same time: 
Battle-ax Lonely Boys* Daphne Ahlers.

Support program / Education:
Open mic and QA with artists moderated by curator Andrey Parshikov.
Visa and Diplomatic support provided by Austrian Cultural Forum.
Thanks to NII for providing Quality Sound and hosting us.
Graphic: Shifra Kazhdan
Battle-ax and Lonely Boys Live from Berlin
INVITED BY/приглашены к участию

@ Solyanka Gallery, Moscow

In the April of 2019 I curated an exhibition supported by live performances in Moscow. At state owned Solyanka Gallery. It was important to me to penetrate heteronormative institutional body with collective queer voice.

I published, designed and curated artist-publication examining desire ROMANTIK COLLECTION with contribution by 18 international authors. Printed on riso in the form of double sided A3 posters.
That seen day of light at two book festivals MISS READ at House of World Cultures, Berlin and Paper Taste at GARAGE Museum, Moscow. I launched this project as a part of ongoing community-based research on alternative curatorial practices INVITED BY/ПРИГЛАШЕНЫ К УЧАСТИЮ. My main interest was to collide local scene with international artists and musicians. Bringing themes of love, LGBTQA+ rights and visibility, ideas of unity and inclusivity to the fore front. We had lovely feed back. And the Gallery hosted VOGUE Ball right after my show.

15.04.2019 - 28.05.2019
VERNISSAGE 15.04.2019
SEREZHA GOLIKOV presenting new psychodelic live performance
ADIL will play one hour long conceptual dj set inspired by our exposition.

16.04 -28.05 OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Publication Contributions by:
Olya Kroytor, Filip Samuel Berg / SOUVENIR, Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, Pasmur Rachuiko, Nino Sakandelidze, Niclas Schöler, Sasha Mademuaselle, Sergey Kostromin, Artur Lomakin, Andrew Kirsanow, Ksenia Mikhailova, Sasha Zalivako, Onur Akyol, Kristina Li, Nadezhda Likhogrud, Artem Stefanov, Katherine Savina.
Exhibition. Artists:
Filip Berg / SOUVENIR, Dan Bodan, Tony Karlsson, Alexandra Karpilovski, Nina Kettinger, Olya Kroytor, Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, Ira Petrakova, Max Ronnersjo, Pasmur Ruchaiko, Anna Yudakova, Katerina Savina, Artur Lomakin.

Producer: Katerina Savina.
Light and Stage Design by incredible Katya Bochavar.
PR and PRESS: Inna Logunova.
City logistics and art handling: Gallery Team.
Sound engineer: Katya Shirshkova.
Sponsorship: Heinrich Boell Foundation. As part of Gender Awareness program.
Style and and Photography - me/ Poster Design and modeling: Vika Prokopaviciute and Lena Sieder-Semlitsch
STILL LIVE, 2013 @ Bar Du Bois, Vienna.
Palms as a medium of itself.
Artists: Lena Sieder-Semlitsch, Vika Prokopaviciute, Joakim Martinussen.
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